May 19, 2022



    College can be an exciting time. As you get prepared for your true life to begin, the life you were meant to have, and surround yourself with new lifelong friendships. When Making new friends however it can sometimes be hard to tell which of your friends cant be trusted, and which ones will follow you... Through the Fog

     Welcome back for season two of Through the Fog! A lot has changed this season and hopefully you like all of it. Two of the biggest changes are that we are now primarily (though not exclusively) pulling stories from so if you see any stories there that tickle your fancy, shoot them my way at

   The Second change is that we are going to be choosing longer stories this time around. To Facilitate this We will now be releasing episodes bi-weekly (and also so I don't edit myself into an early grave). I hope you understand why this needed to be done, but more importantly i hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do.  And Welcome back, to the fog

This Weeks Story is Teeth.jpg Posted by an Unknown User to the CreepPasta wiki!

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