Jan. 26, 2022

NOTICE: Please Keep the Door Locked

NOTICE: Please Keep the Door Locked

Are your Doors Locked?

And Were Back again with Episode 47 So Close to the end that I can Taste it. Trying out some new recording/editing methods so let me know if you like this better. If you haven't already be sure to head over to https://www.throughthefogcast.com for updates, as well as links to my social media. As well as my YouTube (You will definitely want to keep an eye on that). But in the mean time thanks for watching and see you next week!

This Weeks story is Notice: Please Keep the door locked by ThatOtherDude1817

Sound Effects and Music Were Source From:

The Story Along with all assets were used with the creators permission, OR were released under a creative commons share alike liscense.

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