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Feb. 8, 2023

How to Beat the Sandman

How to Beat the Sandman

Dont. Fall. Asleep!

Holy cow can you believe it? Episode 100! and were joined by the ever wonderful DodgeTheGrave. Could This Episode get any better? Time to listen and find out.  Going forward we are going to be releasing simultaneously on the podcasting platforms like we have been (Spotify, apply podcasts etc.) as well as on YouTube now! please listen wherever you prefer (and subscribe on YouTube if you haven't already!

This weeks story is How to Beat the Sandman posted by and RedNovaTyrant to the creepypasta wiki

Narrated by:
DodgeTheGrave @DodgeTheGrave

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Sound effects and music were provided by Pixabay

Thanks for listening and ill see you in two weeks

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