June 2, 2022



In many ways Cell phones have taken over our lives. People have become more distant choosing to stay connected instead through our new technological friends. Where do these connections end however? Can they follow us into the grave? Can they follow us, Through the Fog?

Welcome back to through the fog, trying something a little different this time. Going forward we will be attempting to use actors for everything! This however is difficult to do without funding, so if you have anything to spare, Please consider joining us at Patreon So we can continue working with actors in the future! I hope you enjoy the changes and we will talk to you in 2 weeks!

This Weeks Story was Narrated by Kaity Kemp
With Cynthia Booher as Emilee
Dr. Sarah Penn From Rapture 518 as The Wife and Daughter
David Klein II as the Husband
Dustin Booher as Cop #1
and Brad Lebaron as Cop #2

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Through The Fog was Created Recorded and Edited by Haptic
The Intro Theme was created by Kevyn Kerrivan

Music Is From Youtube Studio, Story Blocks, Epidemic Sound, and Freesound.org

Thanks so much for watching, and Keep your eyes on the fog.