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Oct. 31, 2022

Death to a Narrator Pt 2 (31 Days of Horror Day 31 - Finale)

Death to a Narrator Pt 2 (31 Days of Horror Day 31 - Finale)

Finish It...

And So Ends another Halloween. Thank you so much for Listening, DarkHero (Anthony) and I are going to take a much needed break but we will be back in a few weeks. In case you missed it, both He and Dodge the Grave are joining Through The Fog Full Time (starting with season 3). I'm so excited to share everything we have planned but for now I need a nap, now get out there and get some candy! (after listening to this of course)

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Todays story is Death to a Narrator, Written Exclusively for Through The Fog By DarkHero

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Thank you for listening, and well be back tomorrow with a new episode.

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